How it's made

The heart of the bakery

The most important device in a bakery is the oven. We are very much aware of that, and this is why we aim to make it fit to your needs as much as possible.

After you’ve expressed your needs regarding the oven, the rest is up to us. We will provide you with the necessary consultation and advise, so that you can get optimal, customized and reliable oven. After we’ve agreed on all the details, we begin the productions process.


Production process

We have established efficient production process over the years in order to equip your bakery with fully operational oven at the shortest possible notice.

Even though your oven is custom made, we have established standardized process of production of all the components, which are later assembled in a sturdy, heavy duty and ready-to-use oven. Of course, we always use the best quality stainless steel and fire-resistant materials.

Now you have your oven

We know the importance of time, it is importat to us too. The whole process – from the initial agreement to final delivery – doesn’t take more than 30 days.

Now it’s up to you to create the magic. Our ovens are easy to use, so that you can start baking right after they’re installed. You will get a warranty of 2 years, keeping your piece of mind that it will keep running for a long time, and if you need any further assistance – we’re always here – only one phone call away.